• Sharing Breakfast

    For Hub members and the local community

  • Bring your own food

    Either make something fab at home or bring something from the many great food places nearby

  • No 'BUY MY STUFF' shit

    This is all about connecting, exchanging, helping and community

  • No Subscription

    We won't need your money or ask you to buy an annual membership

  • No spam email or books to buy

    We won't add you to a mailing list or sell you any 'secret tips to success' books

Sharing breakfast

Sharing breakfast
A sales free zone - no 'buy my stuff' pitches


Sharing Breakfast -
fortnightly at the hub
8.30 am to 10.00 am

'We're getting the band back together'

From 28th June we will be running a breakfast every two weeks on a Tuesday from @Work Hubs, Euston Street's No1 coworking place, just a minute from Euston Station.

There is nothing to 'join' or subscription to pay or breakfast to buy.
But you do have to do some work!!

It is a bring and share breakfast, so you can make some food, bring some fruit and we will be using an app called OLIO to connect with food in our area.

It is highly informal and about connecting and making trouble, not networking and pitching.

Just click on the link below, select your date and turn up ready to connect, share, help and be part of the community.